New song imminent; end of an era?

A light at the end of the tunnel! Jude and I have been working on our next song for a long time — before “Rage Quitter,” actually. I found a file that said “feb mix” which means we’ve been talking about it and recording bits since even before that. And we had thought that debuting this song with a video would be the way to go, but on second thought…no it’s not. We certainly hope this is the kind of song that the community might decide is worthy of a video. If so, we will be flattered and welcome it. If not, there’s no real reason to hold this song just for that hope. You’ll get the joke without the visual.

We have also come to an important decision. This will be the LAST Palette-Swap Ninja song…in our debut collection, “Still in Beta.” Heh. We both feel like 10 is a good round number, and after four years of doing this, it’s nice to pause and say “achievement unlocked.” All it really means is that the MP3s will be tagged with the album title and you can download everything in one chunk. We’re working on album art now so it will look all nice on your iPod. We’re also going to add the lyrics to this site — what were we thinking by not posting them with the songs themselves? Silly.

Our next project is already decided and that will be a fresh start of sorts, but we won’t be ready to talk about that for a while, due to personal schedules and being busy in real life. But we’re not taking a break, we’re working on it — just can’t pin down a release date or anything yet, and it’s too early to discuss (not like we ever do that anyway). Still working on lyrics and Jude is currently tracking drums. And, if we’re lucky, we might play our first live show next year, if the stars align. Ever onward!

So…check back here soon for our 10th song.


Why we rarely take fan ideas

I politely said in our FAQ that you could contact us with song ideas but truth be told, I think it’s better when people don’t. It’s mostly because humor is entirely subjective — what’s funny to you is not always funny to someone else, and in our case, we might not even know enough to deliver the joke on your behalf. Brett Elston from GamesRadar came up with a great idea a few years back and pitched it to me, and I liked the joke — but I just didn’t have the game knowledge to pull it off. If it’s your idea, you know why it’s funny, and 99 times out of 100, you should do it.

But that one time out of 100 happened a few months ago. I got a message on Facebook from Chris Repetti with a suggestion that was really just a title. But it was the right title — it was the kind of title that once you hear it, the entire rest of the song falls into place around it. “Three Red Lights,” “The Viva Pinata Song,” and “Halo ((All I Play-Oh))” were like that too; I knew they were worth doing just from hearing the jokey phrase over the title of the song in my head. Jude and I both loved the idea instantly. So we’ve rolled the dice and Chris’ idea will be our next song. We get by with a little help from our friends.

We are currently in the later mixing stages; there may be multiple passes before we get to a final mix that’s ready to release. I need to record a few game sound effects to put the bow on top of the song’s concept/jokes. As a fan, Chris has asked that it debut on TalkRadar, and since it was his idea and he’s getting basically nothing but our deep gratitude for the song idea, this can be arranged! When I have more info on exactly when it’s up, we’ll post it here.

Jude & Dan go to Funspot

If you are into classic arcade culture at all, you know what I’m talking about. The day before PAX East 2011, we drove from Boston to New Hampshire for a pilgrimage to the largest arcade in the world. This is our story.

Photos from PAX East 2011

It was great to see everybody who came out for the breakfast meeting — you know, the one without the breakfast? The food court was open but it turned out there was no food ready, so we just stood around and talked about stuff. Future stuff. Secret stuff. And these are the people who are sworn to secrecy:

Jude and I also did a podcast, which I’ll post a link to as soon as it’s up — it’s a juicy half-hour where we talk about how we started out, how we do what we do, and all that crap. Kat got a great photo of Jude, who is now officially The Cute One.

Yes, that makes me The Loud One.

Better still, we came up with another idea on the way out of the show and I wrote some lyrics on the plane ride home. I don’t know if it will bloom as much as we want it to, but we should be able to get at least one song out of that idea. Stay tuned.

PAX East 2011: Breakfast With Ninjas

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Jude and I will be at PAX East — together! — and we want to meet up with folks. We got together with folks in the food court last year and that worked, so let’s do that again. There is a food court in the BCEC — the “Tastes of Boston” — so let’s meet there at 9:30am on Sunday. The show opens at 10, Jude and I have an interview at 11, and I have to be on a panel at noon (my schedule is here), but this should give us a little time to sit, hang, talk about geeky stuff, maybe reveal a little of what we’ve been working on (if you are willing to be sworn to secrecy), get some food and then hit the full-frontal nerdity that is PAX East.

If something goes horribly wrong and the food court is not open that early, just watch the Twitter feed and we’ll call an audible.

UPDATE: According to the official PAX East site, daylight savings kicks in this weekend — so make sure you set your clocks ahead Saturday night. Do not be late for the meeting, chumps! Also, the food court should be open for the hours of PAX, and you can enter the hall at 8am. However, it’s still unclear as to whether they will serve food that early.