New KOXM Jingle

Just finished up a new little segment jingle for OXM’s podcast. I think you’ll hear it this coming week on show 156. It was fun, but man, these things always take longer than it looks. An 8-second jingle? That’ll be three hours of your day, please!

If you want to hear it, you will have to listen to KOXM, of course. But if you want to see what it looks like, we’ll show you that much:

The next full song was supposed to be out by now, but that, too, is taking longer than expected. Most of the pieces are here in rough form so they are coming along nicely — it’s just the final assembly and re-recording anything that was too sloppy first time around. I’m having a lot of trouble getting the guitar parts to come out clean. Hopefully we’ll have something in the next week or so.