So, this is it. After a year of thinking about it, we’ve finally got a website. WordPress was the best option; all we want to do here is chat, let you respond, and offer our stuff for download. A blog works well for that. Megaprops to Kat for the art elements and finding us a template that worked. Poke around, tell us what you think. Our email is dojo at paletteswapninja dot com.

We want to release songs more frequently than we have been, or else we wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble. We will have a new one to share later this week — Black Friday, if all goes well. It’s our first holiday song and we’ve worked out a deal with TalkRadar, the GamesRadar podcast, to debut it there exclusively. But it’ll be posted here shortly thereafter, if only to help facilitate the contest they’re running in conjunction with it. More on that in a little bit.