Okay, so we have details about the release of this week’s song. On Thursday, TalkRadar will release show #29 (because 28 is already out), including the first appearance of the new song “Wii Christmastime.” If you want to hear the track, download their podcast (there should be a link from the GamesRadar front page).

On Friday, you can come back here and download the song directly, then get to making a video for our make-a-video contest, so we can spread some viral holiday cheer. You’ll have a few weeks to put together a video, then we’ll pick our favorite and ship out the prize — a lovely 30GB Creative Zen Vision W media player, pre-loaded with our tracks — so you can take all of your Palette-Swap Ninja songs with you, including your award-winning video. See what we did there? Full contest details are on TalkRadar episode 29.

Meanwhile, we’d love you as a friend on MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter. We need all the virtual friends we can get.