I hate to tease like this, but we should have a new song ready pretty soon — and that’s “pretty soon” in real-world time, not Palette-Swap Ninja time, which we all know takes three times longer than real-world time. Jude’s parts are done and I’m working on the remainder this weekend; I did a guitar part but I need to redo it, and I have to do the rather loud, high vocal. It’s not a Van Halen song, but I think I may look to Sammy Hagar for inspiration, in more ways than one.

We like to keep our songs secret until they are released, so I won’t tease too much. I can say that it will not be the epic that “Halo ((All I Play Oh))” was; it’s definitely a smaller affair. But it is a new song nonetheless, about something we haven’t tackled before, and it ties into something bigger, which is one of the other reasons we need to keep it secret. Check back next week for the full scoop.