“Yeah, I know!” I hear you cry. “That’s how I found out about you guys in the first place!” Turns out a few fans have been uploading our songs there for some time now — not a problem, as we appreciate that people like our stuff enough to share it. But what we didn’t expect was that upload of “Halo ((All I Play-Oh))” to get 150,000 plays in about two weeks. We were contacted by the folks who run the site — smart folks, ex-Microsoft folks — and offered our own page to highlight our songs.

We said yes!

The benefit for you, the listener, is that our songs are now extremely easy to embed in web forums, blogs, and personal websites. How easy? This easy:


So next time you see someone saying “My 360 just red-ringed!” you can offer embedded consolation with “Three Red Lights.” When someone gets into the nitty-gritty of building their next PC, you can casually bring up “Vista Drivers” in the middle of the conversation. And of course, when there’s a nitwit on the message boards saying “OMG 360 rulez and ur fav consol sux” you can respond with a playable “Learn to Spell” without delay! Just go to http://entertonement.com/pswapninja (or hit our Songs page) and cut-and-paste the embed code.

So, yay! Another way for Palette-Swap Ninja to take over the internets!