So, now that we’ve taken the obligatory week off after a song release, it’s time to start thinking about what’s next.

I am here to tell you, officially, that something is next.

Right now Jude and I are kicking around a few different ideas. Jude came up with a good song for an topic we’d been talking about doing; I think it’s a good fit. He did some first-draft lyrics and I have to do my part on them too.

Then a few days later he said “I’ve got another one” and sent another round of even more complete first-draft lyrics for a completely different song. And I said “that’s also a good one” and figure whichever one of those comes together first is the next single.

Then we got to talking about doing something…bigger. And we are still talking about this. We have the topic; we are looking for the musical vehicle.

Then Jude came up with yet ANOTHER idea and that one, too, is percolating.

I weakly suggested one more idea, which we both kinda went “yeah, I guess” to, so I don’t know if that will happen. We have three good ideas, two of which can be done fairly easily, so I wonder if we will bother working on a half-baked idea. Better to let it bake fully.

So yeah. Percolating. For hints along the way, keep an eye on our Twitter.