I’m happy to say that we have a new partner for our t-shirts, Spreadshirt. Go back a few posts and you’ll see some of the problems we had with Zazzle, so we wanted to find a better online outlet for shirts. And we found it — not only is the Spreadshirt quality very high, but the shirts prices are actually lower than they were at Zazzle. We only take a minimal cut anyway, because we want people to wear our logo — so an even cheaper shirt price is good news all around. Click on the image and take a look at our designs; we now have shirts for women, kids, babies, and very large guys, and in most cases, the colors are yours to choose.

Also, after talking with Spreadshirt about how they handle issues of copyright infringement, we feel confident they will not pull our designs without a clear notification. For that matter, we don’t think they’ll tell us that our original designs belong to someone else the way Zazzle did, but that almost goes without saying.

However, we are keeping our embroidered hoodies and caps up at Zazzle for the time being. There was a significant setup fee for us to make those items available, and Spreadshirt does not yet offer embroidered items, so those are the only items that remain in our Zazzle store. As soon as we find an alternate vendor for those, the Zazzle store will close.

Everything is available through our Merch page, of course. Thanks for your support.