Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their support this past year, and we hope you’re enjoying your holidays. 2010 was an awesome year for us, even if we didn’t get a lot of content out. We finished up “Arcade Gaming Shrine” and finally got it out, then we spent the summer months planning, shooting, and releasing our first live-action video. We also worked out our merch issues and got a new provider for t-shirts. All in all, we’re happy, and we hope you liked what we were able to offer too — especially what with Dan relocating to LA and all.

In 2011, we hope to release more songs, of course. We have two in the works and ideas for a few more, plus we’ve pitched a panel for PAX East this March in Boston. We’ll both be at the show (and we’d like to see you, even if the panel doesn’t get approved) and we’ll have more info on that later.

Have a happy and safe and game-filled holiday, and we’ll see you in a few. And thanks again for all the grass-roots support you’ve given us this year — it really does mean a lot to us both.