Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Jude and I will be at PAX East — together! — and we want to meet up with folks. We got together with folks in the food court last year and that worked, so let’s do that again. There is a food court in the BCEC — the “Tastes of Boston” — so let’s meet there at 9:30am on Sunday. The show opens at 10, Jude and I have an interview at 11, and I have to be on a panel at noon (my schedule is here), but this should give us a little time to sit, hang, talk about geeky stuff, maybe reveal a little of what we’ve been working on (if you are willing to be sworn to secrecy), get some food and then hit the full-frontal nerdity that is PAX East.

If something goes horribly wrong and the food court is not open that early, just watch the Twitter feed and we’ll call an audible.

UPDATE: According to the official PAX East site, daylight savings kicks in this weekend — so make sure you set your clocks ahead Saturday night. Do not be late for the meeting, chumps! Also, the food court should be open for the hours of PAX, and you can enter the hall at 8am. However, it’s still unclear as to whether they will serve food that early.