“Arcade Gaming Shrine” – The Video

At long last, it is ready.

If you are just joining us: Jude lives near Boston. I live in LA. The annual California Extreme arcade show takes place near San Jose. We all got together a few months ago with several friends and made a video for our most recent song, which you can download here.

The road was more arduous than we expected. There are a few scenes shot where Jude lives, a few where I live, but most was shot at and around California Extreme 2010 — in our hotel rooms, at the strip mall down the street, and at the show itself. Most of it between 2AM and 5AM. And once we shot it, we found the lighting was weird, the colors were off, the files were huge…many technical hurdles delayed things. But with help, we overcame them and…well, hopefully you at least find it funny!

We are very, very grateful to the California Extreme team for trusting us to shoot overnight in a room with well over 400 irreplaceable arcade machines in it. Obviously, the song itself is proof that we are respect the subject matter, but still. We are forever in their debt for letting us shoot this with the real deals.

Two other credits that didn’t get credited: We bought ninja outfits online, then Kat sewed the colored tunics/accessories. Jude’s sister Sheridan tag-teamed with Kat to create that awesome PSwap animated logo at the beginning. And beyond that, the full credits are after the jump.

We has a New Song: “Learn to Spell”

You saw the logo. You saw the shirts. (Thank you — some of you have already bought one!) Now, you can finally download our newest parody song “Learn to Spell” from our Songs page. It’s a version of “Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects, and it’s dedicated to anybody who posts like English is not a second language, but a distant third or fourth. Seriously — typos are one thing, but simply not caring enough to learn how to communicate with the rest of the world is something else. It’s a pet peeve, and it makes gamers look bad. So next time you see someone doing it, drop a link to this song into that discussion and run.

Remember that YouTube compresses/normalizes stuff and doesn’t sound as good as the MP3.

Full lyrics and special credits after the jump.