“Halo” feedback and lyrics

Well…this has been a very exciting week for us. First, all twelve of our fans heard the song and sent in kind emails and Twitters and comments. Then the top Halo fansite halo.bungie.org heard the song and liked it (well, if you want to get technical, they called it “awesome”) and passed on the word to all the Halo fans. Then Bungie themselves heard the song and liked it (“pretty sweet…pretty entertaining”) and passed on the word again. The result was over 5000 plays of the song from our site alone, not counting Bungie’s mirror.

All we can say is thank you. We do these songs because we love making music and we love gaming. It feels great to have the love returned.

Also — and we were really hoping this would happen — avid Halo player Aven Pheonix has already put together a video, which is mostly footage of him being way better at Halo than we are:

Can you do better? Please do. We’d love to see more videos — all we ask is that you throw our URL in there somewhere so people know where the song came from. Even as we were writing the lyrics, we thought “oh, this would make so much sense to see played out.”

Speaking of which, you can find the full lyrics after the break. (more…)

New song this week; video contest

Okay, so we have details about the release of this week’s song. On Thursday, TalkRadar will release show #29 (because 28 is already out), including the first appearance of the new song “Wii Christmastime.” If you want to hear the track, download their podcast (there should be a link from the GamesRadar front page).

On Friday, you can come back here and download the song directly, then get to making a video for our make-a-video contest, so we can spread some viral holiday cheer. You’ll have a few weeks to put together a video, then we’ll pick our favorite and ship out the prize — a lovely 30GB Creative Zen Vision W media player, pre-loaded with our tracks — so you can take all of your Palette-Swap Ninja songs with you, including your award-winning video. See what we did there? Full contest details are on TalkRadar episode 29.

Meanwhile, we’d love you as a friend on MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter. We need all the virtual friends we can get.